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Filtration systems CHVALIS

We offer manufacture of portable (mobile), or built into the system (stationary) filtration systems. Mobile filtration systems have application mainly for maintenance of hydraulic oil in smaller hydraulic containers and lubrication systems.

Our standard offering includes three sizes of mobile filtration systems with capacity ranging from 12 l / min to 75 l / min, and filtering capabilities in the range of 2, 5 and 10 µm.

Stationary filtration systems are an integral part of a hydraulic or lubrication circuit and in addition to the permanent executive can provide filtration and cooling of hydraulic fluids.

We can help you with specifications and delivery filtering units for maintenance. We make the specification, design, manufacture and installation of a stationary filter and possibly cooling system in your hydraulic circuit.



Filtration system 9A

Data sheets filtration systems will be to send you on request.
Type 3A
Type 6A
Type 9A
Cooling and filtering unit CHLFM-01
3A-CHV-CZ 6A-CHV-CZ 9A-CHV-CZ Monoblok

Katalog filtrační technika Catalogue of filtering
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